About Abel

I fell in love with photography when I was 10 years old. I attended college in Nebraska and Texas. I love watching TV and going to flea markets. I met my wife Janet in Redwood City and we were married in 1987. We have two children and two dogs. Jamie is in college at USF and has made the Deans list more than once. Brian is the Master program for sports management at USF and is working for the San Francisco Giants. Alicia and Madison are the cutest dogs ever, we all just love them. Janet and I are very proud of Jamie and Brian on the wonderful people they have become.  One of my families favorite things to do together is have family dinners because we just love being together. I can't go a day without doing something to do with photography. I am addicted.

My home is decorated with wall portraits of Jamie and Brian growing up. These portraits are so precious to Janet and I as they capture a moment in time that is long gone. I couldn't imagine not owning each and every portrait. I believe in the power and legacy professional portraits offer us.  

I started Golden Images in 1987 in downtown Redwood City. I have been awarded the degree of Master Craftsmen by the Professional Photographers of America. I still study and do personal projects improving my art. I can say with a bit of modesty that the portraits I am presently creating are some of my best work ever. I do not ever plan on retiring as I could never see a day without photography in my life.